1. Arts. Design. Fashion.
    Fine and Applied Arts. Fashion and Graphic Design. Ethnography.
  2. Printing technologies and design.
    Art, graphic design and media design. Publishing technologies.
    Printing materials. Printing technologies.
  3. Engineering design and product development.
    Anthropometric studies and clothes projecting. Innovative solutions in design and product development. Automated systems in design.
  4. Innovative technologies for sustainable development in textiles.
    New generations of textile materials. Innovative technologies for the clothing production.
    Advanced systems in organization of clothing and knitwear production.  
  5. Engineering leather and leather substitutes products.
    Innovative solutions in materials, products, technologies and production systems in the field of footwear and leather goods.;
  6. Management and Marketing.
    Human resources management. Strategic and operational management. Quality management. Marketing policies and methodologies.
  7. Engineering education.
    Innovative technologies in education. E-learning. New paradigms and concepts in technical education.
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